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2022 Club Championships Highlights

 25 September 2022

Livingston AC's Club Track & Field Championships were held Craigswood on Sunday 18 September, with a record number of Livingston athletes competing in the final event of the summer season.

Well done to all the athletes competing, and congratulations to all the medal winners and the 54 athletes who set personal bests.

Thank you to all the officials, coaches, parents and athletes who were helping at the Club Championships - there were over 50 people helping in various roles - and thanks also to everyone who has helped at club events throughout the season.

Improved Personal Bests

U9 Girls

Mirren Harvie, 60m, 11.07
Cara Emms, 60m, 11.45
Lily Murray, 60m, 11.58
Grace Bryden, 60m, 12.01
Georgiana Greaves, 60m, 12.68
Lucy Manderson, 600m, 2:25.28
Grace Bryden, Shot Put, 2.99m
Cara Emms, Standing Long Jump, 1.36m
Grace Bryden, Standing Long Jump, 1.33m
Lucy Manderson, Standing Long Jump, 1.25m
Mirren Harvie, Standing Long Jump, 1.24m
Lucy Manderson, Quadrathlon, 307
Georgiana Greaves, Quadrathlon, 151

U9 Boys

Mark Hendry, 60m, 10.60
Lewis Sharp, 60m, 10.64
Corin Alexander, 60m, 10.86
Zac Pratt, 60m, 12.35
Olly Gordon, 600m, 2:16.99
Olly Gordon, Shot Put, 8.35m
Lewis Sharp, Standing Long Jump, 1.73m
Olly Gordon, Standing Long Jump, 1.70m
Mark Hendry, Standing Long Jump, 1.59m
Corin Alexander, Standing Long Jump, 1.49m
Zac Pratt, Standing Long Jump, 1.28m
Olly Gordon, Quadrathlon, 614

U11 Girls

Emily Neville, 80m, 14.72
Lauren Nilan, 80m, 15.60
Olivia Foster, 80m, 14.02
Lucy Spinks, 80m, 14.15
Elizabeth Cains, 80m, 16.38
Emily Neville, 150m, 28.00
Lauren Nilan, 150m, 29.56
Lauren Nilan, Long Jump, 2.41m
Maiya Strachan, Long Jump, 2.11m
Lucy Spinks, Long Jump, 2.60m
Isla Murray, Shot Put, 5.62m
Olivia Foster, Shot Put, 4.31m
Elizabeth Cains, Shot Put, 4.16m

U11 Boys

Isaac MacRobert, 80m, 13.82
Austin Purdie, 150m, 26.67
Connor Smyth, 150m, 28.49
Joshua Neilson, 150m, 25.25
Isaac MacRobert, Long Jump, 2.92m
Connor Smyth, Long Jump, 2.68m
Jamie Campbell, Long Jump, 2.61m
Joshua Neilson, Long Jump, 3.03m
Cameron Day, Long Jump, 2.41m
Jamie Campbell, Shot Put, 5.54m
Austin Purdie, Shot Put, 5.05m
Daniel Zasada, Shot Put, 5.19m

U13 Girls

Emily Kerr, 200m, 35.94
Lucy Macmillan, 200m, 29.83
Emily Sharp, High Jump, 1.25m
Lucy Macmillan, Long Jump, 3.62m
Jessica McCulloch, Long Jump, 3.07m
Honor Ford, Shot Put, 5.67m

U13 Boys

Connor Greenhorn, 200m, 30.66
Ethan Smyth, High Jump, 1.35m
Aaron Swan, Long Jump, 2.98m
Connor Greenhorn, Long Jump, 3.55m
Ethan Smyth, Javelin, 16.41m

U15 Girls

Robyn Allan, 100m, 13.46
Hope Hinchcliffe, 200m, 30.45
Hope Hinchcliffe, 800m, 2:54.07
Emma Mitchell, Long Jump, 4.12m
Jemma Smith, Shot Put, 7.56m
Clara Martin, Shot Put, 6.98m
Clara Martin, Javelin, 14.35m

U15 Boys

Marcel Halinowski, 200m, 29.96
Teddy Lee, 200m, 32.65
Alex Thomson, 200m, 25.48
Moray Butler, High Jump, 1.59m
Archie Hendry, Long Jump, 3.89m
Marcel Halinowski, Shot Put, 4.72m

U17 Women

Imogen Marshall, High Jump, 1.35m
Grace Martin, Long Jump, 3.95m
Kirsten Morris, Javelin, 9.45m

U17 Men

Kaydan Day, 200m, 27.50
Kaydan Day, 800m, 2:24.17
Brodie Nixon, Shot Put, 7.36m

Senior Women

Zoe Dunn, High Jump, 1.40m
Iona McDonald, Long Jump, 4.45m
Chloe Milne, Long Jump, 4.16m
Gianna Johnstone, Long Jump, 2.93m
Chloe Milne, Shot Put, 7.04m
Gianna Johnstone, Discus, 9.68m

Senior Men

Logan Campbell, 100m, 12.75
Lewis MacIver, 200m, 23.77
Lewis MacIver, 400m, 51.71
Logan Campbell, Long Jump, 5.17m
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