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Junior Grand Prix Highlights

 21 April 2024

Last Saturday, 58 Livingston athletes were competing in our Junior Grand Prix event at Craigswood Sports Centre.

Well done to everyone who competed - 34 athletes set improved personal bests and two athletes set improved seasons bests!

Full result highlights from the competition included:

Improved Personal Bests

U9 Girls

Emily Craig, 60m, 12.78
Laura Hendry, 60m, 13.09
Emily Howitt, 60m, 16.31
Aria Watson, 60m, 12.06
Rachel Hendry, 60m, 14.06
Aria Watson, Standing Long Jump, 1.17m
Aria Watson, Shot Put, 3.27m

U9 Boys

Struan McNae, 60m, 12.13
James Dickson, 60m, 14.69
Angus Purdie, 60m, 11.67
Finlay Gray, 60m, 12.38
Hunter Ritchie, 60m, 12.39
Benjamin Neilson, Standing Long Jump, 1.25m
Finlay Gray, Standing Long Jump, 1.23m
Angus Purdie, Shot Put, 5.81m
Hunter Ritchie, Shot Put, 3.77m
Benjamin Neilson, Shot Put, 3.60m
Finlay Gray, Shot Put, 3.75m

U11 Girls

Emily McGregor, 80m, 14.16
Ella Dufton, 80m, 15.13
Amelia McNae, 80m, 15.34
Isla Gray, 80m, 15.37
Georgiana Greaves, 80m, 15.63
Amelia McNae, 150m, 29.49
Ella Dufton, 150m, 29.78
Isla Gray, 150m, 29.78
Mirren Harvie, Long Jump, 2.88m
Amelia McNae, Long Jump, 2.75m
Cara Emms, Long Jump, 2.97m
Emily McGregor, Long Jump, 2.60m
Isla Gray, Long Jump, 2.71m
Ella Dufton, Long Jump, 2.49m
Mirren Harvie, Shot Put, 4.52m
Amelia McNae, Shot Put, 4.39m
Cara Emms, Shot Put, 4.83m
Emily McGregor, Shot Put, 3.33m
Isla Gray, Shot Put, 3.55m
Emily McCulloch, Shot Put, 5.13m
Georgiana Greaves, Shot Put, 3.99m
Ella Dufton, Shot Put, 3.76m

U11 Boys

Oliver More, Long Jump, 2.66m
Lewis Sharp, Long Jump, 3.30m
Connor Lockhart, Shot Put, 3.86m
Lewis Sharp, Shot Put, 4.60m
Rory Millar, Shot Put, 2.79m

U13 Girls

Isla Murray, 100m, 16.73
Freya McMartin, 100m, 15.81
Lucy Spinks, 100m, 16.17
Emilia Higson, 100m, 16.74
Bella Norman, 200m, 31.31
Lucy Spinks, 200m, 32.68
Freya McMartin, 200m, 33.66
Freya McMartin, Long Jump, 3.43m
Isla Murray, Shot Put, 5.51m
Freya McMartin, Shot Put, 5.52m
Aurora Gibson, Shot Put, 3.97m
Lauren Nilan, Shot Put, 3.01m
Emilia Higson, Shot Put, 4.04m
Emily Neville, Shot Put, 3.93m

U13 Boys

Austin Purdie, 100m, 16.77
Cameron Stark, 200m, 31.80
Austin Purdie, Long Jump, 3.19m
Joshua Neilson, Long Jump, 3.07m
Joshua Neilson, Shot Put, 5.31m
Cameron Stark, Shot Put, 5.10m

U15 Girls

Holly Robshaw, 200m, 31.25
Kitan Aremu, 200m, 32.47
Holly Robshaw, Shot Put, 4.29m
Lucy Macmillan, Shot Put, 6.11m
Kitan Aremu, Shot Put, 6.31m

Improved Seasons Bests

U9 Boys

Benjamin Neilson, 60m, 14.04

U15 Girls

Emily Sharp, Long Jump, 3.93m

Well done to the 15 athletes who were competing in Junior Grand Prix for the first time: Emily Howitt (U9G), James Dickson (U9B), Emily Craig (U9G), Struan McNae (U9B), Laura Hendry (U9G), Rachel Hendry (U9G), Arianna Fitzpatrick (U9G), Kirsty Robshaw (U11G), Mylo Wright (U11B), Beth Van Vuuren (U13G), Cameron Stark (U13B), Bella Norman (U13G), William Hinchcliffe (U15B), Lily Bustard (U15G) and Michelle Mordi (U15G).

Massive thanks to the officials and coaches for organising, and to the parents and athletes who were helping.
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