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Livingston Open Meeting - Club PBs

 28 May 2023

On Friday evening, 48 Livingston athletes were competing in the first round in our summer Open Meeting series.

Thank you to all the officials and helpers who helped on the night, and thanks also to everyone who made baking or rolls. The event wouldn't happen without your support.

Well done to everyone who competed - 31 club athletes set improved personal bests and four club athletes set improved seasons bests!

Full result highlights from the competition included:

Improved Personal Bests

U11 Girls

? Emily McCulloch, 150m, 29.54

U11 Boys

? Connor Smyth, 150m, 27.95
? Lewis Sharp, Long Jump, 2.94m
? Connor Smyth, Shot Put, 4.51m

U13 Girls

? Nina Halinowska, 200m, 34.04
? Lucy Spinks, 200m, 35.42
? Emily Kerr, 200m, 33.24
? Chloe Zelazny, 70m Hurdles, 15.68
? Honor Ford, Shot Put, 6.44m
? Lucy Spinks, Shot Put, 3.60m
? Emily Kerr, Shot Put, 5.49m
? Holly Robshaw, Shot Put, 4.02m

U13 Boys

? Rhys Boyle, 200m, 30.30
? Matthew Cookson, Long Jump, 3.49m
? Cameron Day, Shot Put, 5.49m

U15 Girls

? Lucy Macmillan, 200m, 28.83
? Emily Sharp, 200m, 28.47
? Emma Mitchell, 200m, 28.97
? Jessica McCulloch, 200m, 30.51
? Lucy Macmillan, 800m, 2:41.58
? Emma Mitchell, 800m, 2:45.97
? Emily Sharp, Shot Put, 6.31m

U15 Boys

? Marcel Halinowski, 200m, 28.13
? Ethan Reid, 200m, 27.77
? Connor Higson, 800m, 2:30.82
? Ethan Reid, 800m, 2:49.03
? Archie Hendry, Long Jump, 4.32m

U17 Women

? Heather Sutherland, 800m, 2:58.42

U17 Men

? Kyle De Pena Stark, 200m, 25.88
? Lewis Watson, 200m, 26.24
? Moray Butler, 200m, 25.47
? Matthew MacIver, 800m, 2:20.30
? Alex Thomson, 100m Hurdles, 15.91
? Brodie Nixon, Shot Put, 8.42m

U20 Women

? Zoe Dunn, 800m, 2:37.50

Senior Men

? Cameron Tweedie, 800m, 2:31.86
? Cameron Tweedie, Long Jump, 3.42m
? Kieran Strathie, Long Jump, 3.21m
? Matthew Power, Shot Put, 6.20m
? Kieran Strathie, Shot Put, 4.88m

Improved Seasons Bests

U17 Women

? Heather Sutherland, Long Jump, 3.02m

U17 Men

? Kyle De Pena Stark, Shot Put, 7.17m

U20 Women

? Kirsten Morris, 800m, 3:09.31

Senior Men

? Matthew Power, 200m, 23.48

Well done to Andrew Mitchell (U15B) who was competing in a club event for the first time.
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