2019 Club Championships Highlights

Livingston AC's Club Track & Field Championships were held Craigswood on Sunday 8 September, with a record number of Livingston athletes competing in the penultimate event of the summer season.

Well done to all the athletes competing, and congratulations to all the medal winners and the 70 athletes who set personal bests.

Thank you to all the officials, coaches, parents and athletes who were helping at the Club Championships - there were over 50 people helping in various roles - and thanks also to everyone who has helped at club events throughout the season.

Improved Personal Bests

U9 Girls
Caitlin Smyth, 60m, 10.66
Amy Small, 60m, 11.28
Caitlin Smyth, 600m, 2:40.60
Amy Small, 600m, 2:48.37
Chloe Zelazny, 600m, 2:27.82
Freya McMartin, 600m, 2:40.68
Caitlin Smyth, Shot Put, 4.51m
Amy Small, Shot Put, 3.64m
Freya McMartin, Standing Long Jump, 1.44m

U9 Boys
Flynn Cameron, 60m, 10.51
Sam Spence, 600m, 2:16.18
Christopher Kidd, 600m, 3:36.91
Flynn Cameron, Shot Put, 5.73m
Christopher Kidd, Shot Put, 4.76m

U11 Girls
Lexie Telford, 80m, 14.08
Lexie Telford, 150m, 26.68

U11 Boys
Ethan Robertson, 80m, 12.97
Connor Greenhorn, 150m, 24.34
Connor Greenhorn, Long Jump, 3.26m
Aaron Watson, Long Jump, 2.46m

U13 Girls
Emma Foster, 80m, 14.18
Rachael Tod, 80m, 14.27
Emma Miller, 100m, 16.06
Clara Martin, 100m, 17.42
Kirsty Crawshaw, 150m, 26.42
Emma Miller, 200m, 33.17
Anna Boyle, 200m, 35.10
Alice Reedie, Long Jump, 3.71m
Kishi Aremu, Long Jump, 3.41m
Emma Foster, Long Jump, 3.00m
Skye Birkett, Long Jump, 2.81m
Rachael Tod, Long Jump, 2.73m
Clara Martin, Long Jump, 2.50m
Clara Martin, Shot Put, 4.14m

U13 Boys
Ryan Henderson, 80m, 12.78
Marcel Halinowski, 80m, 12.83
Harris Cameron, 80m, 13.57
Moray Butler, 100m, 14.60
Marcel Halinowski, 150m, 24.33
Harris Cameron, 150m, 25.18
Moray Butler, 800m, 2:35.30
Moray Butler, Long Jump, 4.30m
Archie Hendry, Long Jump, 3.42m
Cameron Smith, Long Jump, 2.90m
Ryan Henderson, Shot Put, 5.07m
Marcel Halinowski, Shot Put, 4.09m
Alex Thomson, Shot Put, 5.68m

U15 Girls
Megan Forrester, 100m, 15.40
Vhairi Brown, 100m, 17.00
Amy Tod, 100m, 17.06
Maia Campbell, 200m, 28.47
Imogen Marshall, 200m, 34.76
Imogen Marshall, 800m, 2:59.62
Roxanne Hardie, 1500m, 6:19.93
Rachel Small, Shot Put, 6.34m
Kirsten Morris, Shot Put, 4.80m
Vhairi Brown, Javelin, 14.53m
Hannah Stafford, Javelin, 14.27m
Rachel Small, Javelin, 11.86m
Roxanne Hardie, Hammer, 14.89m

U15 Boys
Brodie Nixon, 100m, 13.84
Lucas Reiter, 100m, 14.33
Cameron Butler, 100m, 15.03
Lucas Reiter, 200m, 30.09
Cameron Butler, 200m, 30.83
Joel Greig, 800m, 2:43.30
Lucas Reiter, Long Jump, 3.58m

U17 Women
Sophie Messenger, 100m, 13.55
Rachael Nanor, 100m, 13.77
Naomi Cockburn, 100m, 16.69
Erin Cameron, 300m, 46.39
Rachael Nanor, Long Jump, 3.82m
Erin Cameron, Triple Jump, 9.03m

U17 Men
Jonathan Marshall, 200m, 27.75
Ryan Simm, 300m, 45.32
Andrew McGill, 800m, 1:58.80
Logan Beagley, 800m, 2:10.11
Jonathan Marshall, 800m, 2:12.88
Elliot Frame, 800m, 2:15.05
Ryan Simm, 800m, 2:29.81
Logan Campbell, High Jump, 1.60m
Jamie Black, High Jump, 1.25m
Nathan Dowie, Long Jump, 4.78m
Angus McDonald, Long Jump, 4.75m
Rhys Ross, Long Jump, 4.58m
Ryan Simm, Shot Put, 5.33m
Logan Campbell, Shot Put, 9.19m
Logan Tait, Shot Put, 5.52m

U20 Women
Katie Craig, 800m, 2:19.09
Rachel Gibb, Long Jump, 4.13m
Iona McDonald, Javelin, 13.89m
Abby Duncan, Discus, 15.71m

U20 Men
Lewis MacIver, 100m, 11.98
Daniel Parkinson, 100m, 12.85
Aidan McKeown, 100m, 12.98
Ryan Carroll, 200m, 25.61
Scott Kidd, 200m, 28.07
Fraser Morris, 800m, 1:58.26
Lewis MacIver, Long Jump, 5.31m
Daniel Parkinson, Shot Put, 10.28m
Aidan McKeown, Shot Put, 8.59m
Richard Arthurs, Shot Put, 7.69m
Aidan McKeown, Javelin, 34.35m

Senior Women
Eilidh Brown, 100m, 13.51
Eilidh Brown, Long Jump, 3.87m

Senior Men
Calum McLean, 100m, 12.68
Alastair White, 200m, 26.39
Matthew Power, High Jump, 1.60m

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Posted on Sunday 13 October 2019

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