Livingston Open Meeting - Club PBs

There was another strong entry at the Livingston Open Meeting last night, with entries reaching capacity almost two weeks ago and over 250 athletes from across Scotland competing.

Thank you to all the officials and helpers who helped on the night, there was a great team effort to finish a busy programme on time.

Thanks also to everyone who made baking or rolls. The event wouldn't happen without your support.

Well done to everyone who competed and congratulations to the 36 Livingston athletes who set improved personal bests:

Improved Personal Bests

U11 Girls
Kishi Aremu, 150m, 23.00
Kishi Aremu, Long Jump, 3.21m

U11 Boys
Marcel Halinowski, 150m, 25.13
Ryan Henderson, 150m, 25.14
Cameron Smith, 150m, 27.45
Connor Greenhorn, 600m, 2:09.22
Aaron Watson, 600m, 2:44.81
Cameron Smith, Long Jump, 2.75m
Aaron Watson, Long Jump, 2.36m

U13 Girls
Grace Martin, 200m, 31.83
Mia Sokoluk, 1200m, 4:19.96
Imogen Marshall, 1200m, 5:08.98
Imogen Marshall, High Jump, 1.17m
Alice Reedie, Long Jump, 3.14m
Heather Sutherland, Long Jump, 2.69m
Clara Martin, Shot Putt, 3.94m
Heather Sutherland, Shot Putt, 3.62m
Roxanne Hardie, Discus, 15.44m

U13 Boys
Alex Thomson, Shot Putt, 4.91m

U15 Girls
Maia Campbell, 200m, 28.48
Amy Taylor, 200m, 30.48
Hannah Stafford, 200m, 35.87
Hannah Reedie, Long Jump, 3.74m
Amy Taylor, Shot Putt, 6.74m
Rachel Small, Shot Putt, 5.86m

U15 Boys
Rhys Ross, 200m, 25.96
Daniel Sutherland, 200m, 32.23

U17 Women
Shannon Evans, 200m, 28.18
Isla Calvert, 1500m, 4:31.10
Zoe Dunn, 1500m, 5:34.80

U17 Men
Fraser Morris, 200m, 24.48
Euan MacIver, 200m, 26.92
Logan Tait, 200m, 27.58
Ross Paterson, 200m, 31.75
Alastair Marshall, 1500m, 4:05.75
Andrew McGill, 1500m, 4:12.37
Jonathan Marshall, 1500m, 4:50.87
Logan Campbell, High Jump, 1.47m
Jude Robertson, High Jump, 1.35m
Jude Robertson, Shot Putt, 6.05m

U20 Women
Katie Crawford, 200m, 30.19
Katie Craig, 1500m, 5:01.93

U20 Men
Ryan Carroll, 200m, 25.83

Senior Men
Matthew Power, 200m, 23.92
Calum McLean, 200m, 26.65
Matthew Power, High Jump, 1.47m

Masters Men
Bob Douglas, Discus, 26.93m

Congratulations to Isla Calvert who set a new club record for the U17 Womens 1500m with a personal best of 4:31.10; and congratulations also to Matthew Boules who set a new club record for the U20 Mens 110m hurdles with 17.29.

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Posted on Thursday 23 May 2019

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