Livingston Athletic Club Livingston Athletic Club

RJT Stages

P2-P3 | Ages 5-7

Children will have the opportunity to practice and become familiar with the basic techniques involved in running, jumping and throwing events. Enjoyment and having fun are the key factors in this age group.

P4-P5 | Ages 7-9

As the sessions progress, we will introduce additional events and technical aspects to the athletics activities and continue to build on the foundations of good technique, enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle.

P6-S1 | Ages 9-12

Children should begin to demonstrate their development and aptitude for various events with increased confidence, enjoyment and enthusiasm.

There will be more focus in improving performance and an introduction to some of the competitive elements of athletics.

Athletics Club

Our RJT programme includes competition from age 7 upwards, and the RJT sessions will help prepare children for joining the main athletics club at Livingston in the future.

For children in the P6-S1 stage, who are keen to develop their athletic skills further, take part in competitions regularly and train every week, there will opportunity to join the main athletics club when they are ready to progress.
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