Livingston Athletic Club Livingston Athletic Club

Senior Men Club T&F Champions

Congratulations to the following athletes who were overall trophy winners at the Club Track & Field Championships:

Year Athlete
2023 Lewis MacIver
Matthew Power
Daniel Sutherland
2022 Lewis MacIver
Logan Campbell
Fraser Morris
2021 Lewis MacIver
Richard Arthurs
David Threlfall
2019 Richard Arthurs
Matthew Power
Aidan McKeown
2018 David Threlfall
Alastair White
Matthew Power
2017 Stephen Leek
Alastair White
Matthew Power
2016 Shawn Wright
Jake Thomas
Stephen Leek
2015 Jake Thomas
Stephen Leek
Alastair White
2014 Jake Thomas
Shawn Wright
Andrew Mitchell
2013 Shawn Wright
Calum Gregory
Gary Leek
2012 Shawn Wright
Ruaridh McCusker
2011 Daniel Fulton
Stephen Watson
2009 Alistair Dalgleish
Craig McDowall
Danny Nicoll
2008 Alistair Dalgleish
Michael Deegan
2007 Alistair Dalgleish
Michael Deegan
Andrew Pollock
2006 Alistair Dalgleish
Chris Tatton
Scott Boyle
2005 Alistair Dalgleish
Stewart Semple
2002 Scott Boyle
Alistair Dalgleish
Neil Boyle