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RJT Grand Prix Highlights

 16 September 2019

Well done to all the Livingston club and RJT athletes competing in our RJT Grand Prix competition yesterday.

Thank you to all the officials, coaches, parents and senior athletes who were helping yesterday, and throughout the series.

Congratulations to the 35 athletes who have competed previously who set new personal bests!

Improved Personal Bests

U11 Girls
Lexie Telford, 150m, 26.29
Emilia Zarabska, 150m, 27.57
Jessica McCulloch, 150m, 29.82
Emilia Zarabska, Long Jump, 2.49m
Jessica McCulloch, Long Jump, 2.42m
Freya McMartin, Turbo Javelin, 9.47m
Lexie Telford, Turbo Javelin, 8.96m
Skye Birkett, Turbo Javelin, 8.67m
Emilia Zarabska, Turbo Javelin, 6.78m
Alice McMillan, Turbo Javelin, 6.50m
Amy Small, Turbo Javelin, 4.84m
Phoebe Alexander, Turbo Javelin, 4.65m
Ellie Keenan, Turbo Javelin, 4.27m

U11 Boys
Kody Adam, 120m, 22.24
Angus Ritchie, 120m, 33.21
Aaron Watson, 150m, 30.90
Oskar de Joode, Long Jump, 2.56m
Aaron Watson, Long Jump, 2.50m
Connor Greenhorn, Turbo Javelin, 10.29m
Dylan Morrison, Turbo Javelin, 9.49m
Archie Hendry, Turbo Javelin, 8.98m
Aaron Watson, Turbo Javelin, 7.22m
Christopher Kidd, Turbo Javelin, 5.41m

U13 Girls
Melissa Manderson, 200m, 37.48
Clara Martin, 200m, 37.94
Chloe Pringle, 200m, 38.33
Olivia Birkett, 200m, 40.51
Grace Martin, Long Jump, 3.19m
Chloe Pringle, Long Jump, 2.28m
Mia Sokoluk, Javelin, 16.53m
Lucy Boules, Javelin, 14.53m
Roxanne Hardie, Javelin, 14.43m
Alannah Snowden, Javelin, 14.17m
Olivia Birkett, Javelin, 9.85m
Emma Miller, Javelin, 7.23m

U13 Boys
Moray Butler, 200m, 30.36
Finlay Cunningham, 200m, 30.99
Joseph Mcmillan, Long Jump, 2.41m
Moray Butler, Javelin, 16.45m

U15 Girls
Emma Martin, 200m, 30.25
Amy Taylor, Long Jump, 4.00m
Erin Cameron, Javelin, 13.24m

U15 Boys
Jamie Black, 200m, 29.26
Lucas Reiter, 200m, 29.96
Jamie Black, Long Jump, 3.78m
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