RJT Grand Prix Highlights

Well done to all the Livingston club and RJT athletes competing in our RJT Grand Prix competition today.

Thank you to all the officials, coaches, parents and senior athletes who were helping.

Congratulations to the 35 athletes who have competed previously who set new personal bests!

Improved Personal Bests

U9 Girls
Chloe Zelazny, 60m, 10.76
Caitlin Smyth, 60m, 10.94
Ellie Kennedy, 60m, 10.99
Ellie Kennedy, 600m, 2:27.10
Caitlin Smyth, 600m, 2:49.05
Freya McMartin, Shot Putt, 4.57m
Chloe Zelazny, Shot Putt, 4.54m
Airlie Oakley, Shot Putt, 3.98m
Caitlin Smyth, Shot Putt, 3.62m
Freya McMartin, Standing Long Jump, 1.33m

U9 Boys
Matthew Cookson, 60m, 11.44
Kyle Fogg, 60m, 11.45
Angus Ritchie, 60m, 15.14
Anton Valanraj, 600m, 2:57.51
Cameron Watson-Inglis, 600m, 2:59.56
Kody Adam, Shot Putt, 5.24m
Cameron Watson-Inglis, Shot Putt, 4.72m
Christopher Kidd, Shot Putt, 4.27m
Angus Ritchie, Shot Putt, 3.75m
Matthew Cookson, Standing Long Jump, 1.23m
Kyle Fogg, Standing Long Jump, 1.19m

U11 Girls
Kirsty Crawshaw, 600m, 2:14.73
Lexie Telford, 600m, 2:35.22
Lexie Telford, Long Jump, 2.01m
Ava Sher, Shot Putt, 3.32m

U11 Boys
Connor Greenhorn, 80m, 13.28
Cameron Smith, 80m, 14.74
Archie Hendry, 600m, 2:11.40
Aaron Watson, 600m, 2:45.93
Archie Hendry, Long Jump, 2.99m
Ethan Smyth, Long Jump, 2.81m
Aaron Watson, Long Jump, 2.30m
Connor Greenhorn, Shot Putt, 5.16m
Ethan Smyth, Shot Putt, 4.63m
Cameron Smith, Shot Putt, 3.55m

U13 Girls
Alannah Snowden, 100m, 15.03
Lucy Boules, 100m, 15.45
Roxanne Hardie, 100m, 15.75
Alice Reedie, 100m, 17.33
Vhairi Brown, 100m, 18.11
Lucy Boules, 800m, 3:04.78
Sarah Badrane, 800m, 3:04.78
Roxanne Hardie, Long Jump, 3.58m
Emma Miller, Long Jump, 3.03m
Alice Reedie, Long Jump, 2.84m
Sarah Badrane, Long Jump, 2.82m
Lucy Boules, Shot Putt, 6.05m
Vhairi Brown, Shot Putt, 5.24m
Melissa Manderson, Shot Putt, 4.25m
Emma Miller, Shot Putt, 4.01m

U13 Boys
Adam Brown, 100m, 18.80
Lewis Watson, Shot Putt, 5.55m

U15 Girls
Rachael Nanor, 100m, 13.88
Amy Taylor, 100m, 14.52
Rachel Small, 100m, 15.11
Chloe McLean, 100m, 17.38
Rachael Nanor, 800m, 2:55.74
Rachel Small, 800m, 3:06.78
Amy Taylor, Long Jump, 3.71m
Rachael Nanor, Long Jump, 3.58m
Hannah Stafford, Long Jump, 2.82m
Amy Taylor, Shot Putt, 6.32m
Rachael Nanor, Shot Putt, 5.71m
Hannah Stafford, Shot Putt, 5.14m
Chloe McLean, Shot Putt, 3.13m

Registration is open for the next event in the series on Sunday 23 June.

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Posted on Sunday 19 May 2019

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