West Lothian Secondary T&F Championship Highlights

Last Wednesday, 45 Livingston athletes were competing for their schools at the annual West Lothian Secondary Schools T&F Championships.

Well done to all the athletes who competed!

There was an impressive medal tally from the Livingston athletes with 31 individual medals won, and 22 athletes setting improved personal bests!

Gold Medallists

Sophie Ure, S1G, 100m, 14.94
Sophie Ure, S1G, 800m, 2:42.16
Erin Cameron, S1G, Long Jump, 4.01m
Isla Calvert, S2G, 100m, 13.68
Isla Calvert, S2G, 800m, 2:17.80
Alix Fairley, S2G, Shot Putt, 9.92m
Fraser Morris, S2B, 800m, 2:15.18
Katie Craig, S3G, 800m, 2:28.75
Matthew Boules, S3B, 100m, 12.45
Alastair Marshall, S3B, 800m, 2:10.23
Matthew Boules, S3B, High Jump, 1.70m
Hazel Shanley, SenG, 100m, 12.82
Sarah Calvert, SenG, 800m, 2:18.61
Tia Henry, SenG, High Jump, 1.50m
Fraser Steele, SenB, 100m, 11.81
Declan Wynne, SenB, 800m, 2:13.08

Silver Medallists

Shannon Prevost, S1G, 800m, 2:42.26
Charlie Maree Nolan, S2G, 800m, 2:34.11
Fraser Morris, S2B, 100m, 13.22
Emmie Meechan, S3G, 100m, 13.47
Tia Henry, SenG, 100m, 13.56
Iona McDonald, SenG, 800m, 2:28.12
Eve Allison, SenG, High Jump, 1.45m
Ewan Ballantyne, SenB, 100m, 12.06
Ewan Ballantyne, SenB, High Jump, 1.75m

Bronze Medallists

Angus McDonald, S1B, Long Jump, 4.01m
Andrew Cowie, S2B, Long Jump, 4.56m
Georgia Fraser, S3G, 100m, 14.13
Abby Duncan, SenW, 100m, 13.63
Courtney Moffat, SenW, 800m, 2:35.63
Richard Arthurs, SenB, 100m, 12.24

Improved Personal Bests

U15 Girls
Emmie Meechan, 100m, 13.24
Isla Calvert, 100m, 13.68
Eve Neally, 100m, 14.79
Shannon Prevost, 100m, 14.91
Chloe Anderson, 100m, 15.46
Charlie Maree Nolan, 800m, 2:34.11
Sophie Ure, 800m, 2:42.16
Shannon Prevost, 800m, 2:42.26
Zoe Dunn, Long Jump, 3.57m
Eve Neally, Long Jump, 3.50m

U15 Boys
Fraser Morris, 100m, 13.22
Angus McDonald, 100m, 14.35
Fraser Morris, 800m, 2:15.18
Daniel Parkinson, Long Jump, 4.23m
Angus McDonald, Long Jump, 4.01m
Logan Tait, Long Jump, 3.71m
Andrew Cowie, Shot Putt, 8.60m
Daniel Parkinson, Shot Putt, 8.34m

U17 Women
Tia Henry, 100m, 13.51
Eilidh Brown, 100m, 13.85
Eve Allison, 100m, 14.04
Katie Craig, 100m, 14.86
Iona McDonald, 800m, 2:28.12

U17 Men
Matthew Boules, 100m, 12.22
Richard Arthurs, 100m, 12.24

Thanks also to all the club officials and volunteers who helped at the match including: Pat Hockley, Sandra Hardacre, Vic Hockley, Alistair Dalgleish, Claire Shanley, Nikki Kinghorn, Jake Thomas and Alastair White.

Posted on Thursday 22 June 2017

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